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Why Play V-Picks?  Here Are Some Good Reasons 

Fast Action

Super Grip 

More Volume

Better Pick Control

Wider Tonal Range

Carefully calculated bevels with our own special blend of acrylics.  These are magnificent guitar picks!  They play better, sound better and are more slip resistant.  Our players say they hear sweeter highs, stronger lows and a punchy, singing mid range.  This is because our picks are very musical sounding.  This is the same material that a lot of great players use to build and strengthen their fingernails.  They use acrylic because it is strong and sounds so good.  Our picks react to the temperature and moisture in your fingertips.  This causes our picks to grip to you while you are playing.  No more need to hold your pick with a death grip.  Just relax your hand, arms, fingers and let the pick do it's job.  You will drop your pick less with V-PICKS.   When you are not fumbling around with your guitar pick it allows you to think about playing your guitar.  Allowing you to release your feelings and emotions instead of worrying about your equipment.  If you are thinking about your pick when you are playing, then you are using the wrong pick.  These are just a few reasons many call V-PICKS the best guitar picks ever.  Please check out our testimonials.

Electric Guitar PicksAcoustic Guitar PicksMandolin PicksGypsy Jazz Guitar Picks - Bass Picks - Dulcimer Picks & Therapeutic picks for players with hand or arm injuries. With over 100 models to choose from I am confident we have the best guitar or mandolin pick for you!  Our models range from thin, flexible picks to very thick picks.   If you have never played with a thick guitar pick you are in for a real treat.  Our picks can make your playing more fun than ever.  They just may change your musical life.

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The Best Guitar Picks & Mandolin Picks On This Planet

  • Carlos Santana, Billy Gibbons, Phil Keaggy and many more play V-Picks Guitar Picks, and for a very good reason. V-Picks are simply the best you can buy!  After just a few minutes of playing our handmade picks, you will see why we call them the world's favorite and best guitar picks.

Also, signature picks endorsed by some the most famous guitar players in the world with  authentic autographs included.  This is some fun stuff.  These are very collectible!

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 Thank you for visiting our site.  Many say V-Picks are the best guitar picks available today.  With over 100 pick models to choose from, and what our picks have to offer you, we may change your musical life forever.   Are you ready for that?

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 Shipping only $1.99 on all US orders!

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