Lick of the Day #5 by V-Picks Guitar Picks

Vinni demonstrates a transitional lick in the key of A. It is a great way to get from one part of the scale to another without just jumping around on the neck. He uses a B# V-Pick for this demonstration and also a Jason Schroeder Guitar from Redding CA.

Lick of the Day #3 by V-Picks Guitar Picks

Here is a cool riff that can be very fast, or played slow as well. Sounds great in either application. Big Fattie and Jason Schroeder content as well.

Billy Gibbons and my new V-Pick Guitar Pick Swirl Guitar

I have been working on this guitar for a few months now. Ordered a Warmoth mahogany and Warmoth quarter sawn maple neck. Biggest, fattest neck I have ever played! 6105 frets, GFS mini hums with 12K output, Tele knobs, Planet Wave tuners, and a Schaller trem. The guitar is a magnificent beast. I met up […]


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