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Dimension Ghost Rim – Guitar Pick


Product Description


 4.10mm – 
1 3/16″ wide –
1 1/8″ long –

NOTE: This special price is for 1 pick.

Designed in honor and in celebration of Michael “Muddy” Lawrence. This is our first hybrid style V-Pick to be put into production. 2 rounded corners and 1 pointed corner. The pointed end is sharp and plays much like the Screamer. Just spin the pick around and Voila! A new and different pick! It really is an “all in one” guitar pick. I have used this pick for many applications, Blues, Rock, Metal, Country and Jazz. It gets extreme harmonics! It is great for rhythms and leads. Very comfortable because of the thickness. Muddy claims “Jeff Beck would go crazy for this thing!” As all of the other V-Picks, this pick clings to your fingers. You will not drop this pick! That is the amazing thing about V-Picks, they grip to your fingers. The longer you play them, the more light handed you become. This helps you to become a faster and more accurate player. The Dimension is also available in a buffed version which creates a bit brighter attack. 

The Ghost Rim model V-Pick is an option of manufacture that gives you a wonderful, unique, and very musical “ghostly whisper” to your pick attack. It can be used to tame down a very aggressive attack and yet, if you change your technique just a bit, you can get that cool Brian May, Ed King, Billy Gibbons effect and sound! It can deliver a hush effect much like a violin bow, or bark like you are using a coin as a plectrum. If you do not like the chirp a thick pick can sometime make, then the Ghost Rim option is for YOU! First we take extra time to expertly and masterfully grind the pick. We have this method down to an art. This is not easy and takes years to learn to do it correctly. So much care is taken because the pick does not go thru the last stage of flame buffing. The flame can hide a multitude of sins, so we have to make sure these are precisely made to our exacting specifications. I first started making picks like this in 1980. V-Picks are the FIRST and ORIGINAL company to make this product available to you. We invented this idea of making picks and we excel above all the rest in doing so. All of my personal picks have been Ghost Rim or “unbuffed” picks. 

Check out this testimonial……


“Greetings, Vinni, Oh great designer of extraordinary picks! I just got the Buffed Dimension and the Un-Buffed version as well. I’ve just spent the last hour and a half alternating between both of them, and also comparing them to the Screamer that I use normally. I can really hear the difference with the Dimensions. They surely have a louder attack, with more upper midrange and more bass than the Screamer. The Screamer sounds scooped in comparison. Each Dimension has its advantages. The rough one sounds better for most leads, and compliments a fuzz tone perfectly. The buffed one sounds better for most chords and gets a creamier edge to the leads. I’m going to use both. Thanks again for making great picks. Like I said on The Gear Page: When it comes to great tone, the difference is clear – V-Picks! (Clear – get it?) All the best, Chris Van Sickle”

“Well, as I was playing my guitar tonight with my V-Pick Dimension I must say a thought hit me and that is…. If I can only take ONE V-Pick with me on an Island which one would I take? Well for a good solid year and 1/2 I couldn’t answer the questions because ALL V-Pick models ROCK!!!! But I must say I would probably answer this question by saying “if I could only take one V-Pick with me, I would chose the Dimension” for sure!!!! Oh, and Vinni, I played with the round part and I JUST LOVE THE SOUND!!!!! This pick is veeery versatile (can’t spell tonight), and the pointy side ROCKS as well!!! GREAT V-Pick I really can’t say enough!!! Also, I am going place another order soon. Litsa” 

“I got my Dimension Saturday and have to tell you that I absolutely love it. I’ve already purchased several of your picks and prior to getting the Dimension my two favorites were the medium pointed and the screamer. However, my new favorite is the Dimension. It accentuates the notes perfectly. I play mostly hard rock and metal but even on clean tones it adds a little something special to it that just enhances the sound tremendously. I’ll probably get a buffed Dimension to try out soon. I used to look at picks every time I went in a guitar store now I don’t bother because I’ve found the line of picks that I like. I tried using one of my previous picks and I can’t believe the difference in sound. There simply is no comparison. Thanks for making such a fantastic line of picks! Eric” 

This is a re-order several times over. I check the website periodically to see what’s new. I really love the Dimension that I received two months ago. It’s hard now for me to use even the thinner v-picks because the 4.10 mm is so comfortable. I just wanted to say I could never justify spending $4.00 on a pick. I had the pleasure of meeting Vinni at NAMM and was able to try out several V-Picks. The dimension at $10.00 is the pick for me. Believe the hype if you haven’t tried them already. The tone and ease of use for these are incredible. No looking back for me now. I just need to get some of them in red in case I drop them.”

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