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The V-Pick Family


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Product Description

It’s the Fam!
With the V-Pick Family deal you get 36 picks total, from our smallest, thinnest one, to our largest pick, the Insanity. You’ll be able to experience V-Picks to the fullest.
Also, we are including a free Black Leather Pouch, (a $10 value) and a Leather Key Fob (a $5 value).
This package would normally cost you $282.00. This is a $52.00 savings!
You can afford to go buy some new strings now.
You will get these 36 picks:
Small Pointed Ultra Lite
Small Pointed Lite
Small Pointed
Medium Pointed Ultra Lite
Medium Pointed Lite
Medium Pointed
Medium Round Lite
Medium Round
Large Pointed Ultra Lite
Large Pointed Lite
Large Pointed
Large Round Lite
Tradition Lite
Tradition Ultra Lite
Big Fattie
Psycho Shredder
Dimension Unbuffed
Dimension Jr
Dimension Jr Unbuffed
Diamond Pointed
Snake Pointed
Euro II
Chicken Picker
Shredder Lite
So, if you’re still playing with the same old Brand X pick, and have never experienced or experimented with different sizes, thickness and materials, then this is your chance to change your life. Yes, change your life!

S/H charge is $9.00 on this package. USPS Priority mail in the US.
International S/H charge is $25.00. USPS Registered mail.

“I bought the ‘Family V-pick Pack’ and it contains the most incredible picks I have ever played, not to mention the versatility and the unique sound each pick produces Smooth and Crisp with highs lows and nice mids. I am incredibly astounded at the attention to detail on these magnificently well hand crafted pieces of musical art I will always be a fan and not to mention I was born in Modesto and Vinni’s shop is around here, very proud.”

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